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New Daily Leads

Our Professionals send direct introductions to leads for you and your team to follow up – never worry about your pipeline again.

Steady Lead Flow

Get live introductions via Linkedin Messenger to warm leads that have expressed a clear intent to speak with you about your product or service.

Lead Quality

We only engage with targets that meet your criteria of the correct role, industry and seniority. You only accept the leads that meet your standards.

It's time to start focusing on what matters!

The results we provide for our clients allow them to focus on what’s important for their business. When clients can focus on their business they have more time to shine.


Over the years we have suggested to our clients that the people they need to be talking to are on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the place to do business because they have around 575 Million people actively looking for opportunities. Every business owner and almost every employee is on LinkedIn and accessible to you to reach out and pitch to.

Having access to such a large pool or leads insures a large targeted audience no matter how small your industry might be. There is enough leads to keep any business busy for years. Since most employees are on LinkedIn as well, it’s easy to reach the target. When there is a target that you can do business with, it’s possible to contact several employees to assist you in reaching the right person. This brings huge potential for not just a lead but a long term relationship with your targeted businesses on many levels.

Everyone knows that this can be time consuming. All the clicking needed to get results isn’t something most people can commit to. It’s easy to start but not sustainable to a lot of people You need a service like those celebrities and corporations have where people do that for you. Those celebrities login when they have time and still get to enjoy the benefits of full time account manager. 

Most services offer Ad Management instead of Account management. Ad Management isn’t what you need. Ad Managers are simply brokers that work between you and LinkedIn. They have no real ability to bring in leads. They take your money and give it to LinkedIn minus their cut. They can’t guarantee anything since they are a middle man. In almost every case middlemen are an added expense to an already expensive process.

MyLinkedInPro is the place to find a LinkedIn professional to manage your account. A professional that can take your account to the next level without worrying if you are doing it right. MyLinkedInPro provides clients with the exact service that you see the viral accounts are getting. 

Account Management Verses Ad Management?

Account Manager

Ad Manager

LinkedIn is the place for leads!

Let our LinkedIn professions take your business to the next level with LinkedIn. We are available to start today!

What our professional do!

Outreach & Followups

We will start a conversation for you with every targeted person in the audience that best aligns with your industry for you.  Hundreds a day

Monitor Performance

Since all engagements are from you there is not need to learn some third party tracking. You can use all of the data that LinkedIn currently offers.  

Brand Strategy

LinkedIn professionals will make sure you are in all the right places to get maximum exposure to your brand. We offer maximum exposure.


Get all the advice you need to help you understand how to best integrate LinkedIn with your business to bring in the best RIO. 

Ad Concepts

Get your ads personalized for each an every type of engagement. Flexible ad variations make your ads relatable to the leads.

Page Management

Get full page creation and management to help you get more engagement and growth to you page to help you compete.

Industry Groups

Get your brand put into all of the top industry group to gain access to even more extremest targeted leads for every industry.


Interaction with your connections to keep them up to date with new ads and to keep them seeing your brand every time they log in.

Connection Growth

Our professionals connect with the most targeted users to grow your connections. More connections mean bigger audience.

The most important reasons to hire.

Everyday I get new leads and I can't thank you guys enough. Very Happy Customer.
Richard Grover
From Dallas, USA
I close deals every week from the leads brought to me from MyLinkedInPro.
Rebecca Morton
From Melbourne Australia
You provided a hands free way to grow my business on LinkedIn and I am grateful for that.
Frank Jones
From Tokyo, Japan
I would recommend MyLinkedInPro to everyone who cares about their business
James cho
From London, UK
I saw results within a few hours and the leads have been flowing every since. MyLinkedInPro is a great company to work with.
MyLinkedInPro - Professional LinkedIn Account Management
Emily Cummings
From Cleveland, USA
I now get messages daily from C-level executives that can actually make deals. No wasted time with middlemen.
MyLinkedInPro - Professional LinkedIn Account Management
Kristina Sams
Kansas City, USA
MyLinkedInPro finds leads I wasn't able to find doing searches. Their team can find those hard to get decision makers.
MyLinkedInPro - Professional LinkedIn Account Management
Donna Maples
From Seattle, USA
Their constant engagement with others in my industry has helped me with my reputation in my industry.
My LinkedIn Pro - Professional LinkedIn Account Management
Shantel Brown
From Brooklyn, USA
I just closed my biggest deal thanks to MyLinkedInPro. It only took 2 days after I joined.
My LinkedIn Pro - Professional LinkedIn Account Management
Paulette German
From Burbank, USA
I've closed more than $500,000 in new business since I joined MyLinkedInPro. Best investment I made!
My LinkedIn Pro - Professional LinkedIn Account Management
Sergio Hale
From Tujunga, USA
MyLinkedInPro fixed my problem with connections. Now I have more than 10k people that want what I'm selling.
My LinkedIn Pro - Professional LinkedIn Account Management
Jared Thorpe
From Tuscon, USA
I didn't think I could find work on LinkedIn. MyLinkedInPro showed me that LinkedIn has more direct leads than facebook
MyLinkedInPro - Professional LinkedIn Account Management
William Elliot
From Sunland, USA

We've generated over 300,000 leads and counting!

Over the past year we have been successful at attracting leads for our customers. Our systems have proved to be the most effective way to grow on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Management

Who MyLinkedInPro is and why you should trust that we know what we are doing?

Founded by, Amazon bestselling author & CEO, Mark Wrhel, we at MyLinkedInPro are recognized as the leading experts in the world when it comes to managing your LinkedIn and growing your business on LinkedIn. Since 1994 we’ve developed and refined the relationship-focused lead generation system that we have now implemented for thousands of clients in just about every industry you can think of.

Our clients have generated over $1 Billion Dollars in new revenue from the leads attributed to our system

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Getting Started is easy. Hire a US Based FULL-TIME LinkedIn Account Manager for around $3 Per Day!

  • You will be receiving a full-time LinkedIn account Manager. 
  • You will receive Company Page Promotion and Growth
  • You will be placed in industry targeted groups.
  • You will receive double digit connection growth every day.
  • You will receive personal attention to your brand to insure maximum ROI.
  • You will receive engagement from us sharing relevant industry information.
  • You will be able to promote all of your services or units daily to your entire network.